Simplex Plodder-KEMSSP1

The simplex soap plodder is a bar soap making machine that is used to produce the final bar including stamping of the final product. The plodder constitutes two dependent stages: The first stage is the refining and the final stage is extruding.



Consists of single screw, gearbox, motor, and thermostart for temperature balancing.


Refining and producing the final bar soap

Material Information

80 per cent of the main parts of our products are provided by world famous suppliers.


Widely used for making synthetic and oil based bar soaps.

Other Technical Parameters
    Physical Features Length 5ft, Height 4ft, Weight 300kg, and colour: metallic grey/blue/red
    Capacity 15 Bars of Laundry Soap per minute
    Contact Parts Extrusion Barrel 250mm Mild Steel 304 grade
    With MS Jacket 6mm.
    Screw 200mm Screw –Mild Steel and polished LM 6grade
    Framework Mild Steel Section Channel welded.
    Guarding MS grade 2mm steel sheet, bolt fixings
    Paintwork Etch primer on bare metal, with two gloss topcoats
    Electrical Power Supply 220 Volts, 50/60 Hertz.
    Gear Box; Gear box, number 5


    Drive U 700 upper barrel/U 700 bottom barrel- Greaves 50:1
    Transmission SKF/ZKL thrust bearing and two axial ball bearings
    grease lubricated
    Speed Control 20 RPM Maximum Screw Speeds
    Upper screw fixed speed on/off operated
    Via soft start
    Refining Interchangeable noodle/ pelletizer plate &
    backed by 1mm SS refining mesh.
    Nose Cone fitted with interchangeable eye plate.
    Temperature The temperatures are maintained through thermostat mechanism. The
    Jacketed cone is fitted with the heater and sensor.
    Cutting Utility Manual soap cutting
    Nose Cone KW heated water bath and mounted on hinge.
    Hopper Sized to take 50 kilos soap flake batch
    Utilities Circulating water +10 C
    Branding Units: Rotatory Customized Stamping Units.
Select Specifications

capacity: 1200 Kilograms of Soap per shift of 8 hours.

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